I’m Sarah Buchan, or Sarah Bu for short.
I’m an Animator and Designer from Aberdeen, Scotland. I specialise in 2D animation to
My background is in Visual Communication and Graphic Design. My process is to design with intentionality, distilling ideas into their core designs and using motion to visually tell a story.
When I’m not animating I can be found playing boardgames with friends, channeling my inner Wonder Woman at the gym, and trying to avoid the many, many Seagulls on the hunt for my sandwiches.
If you’re looking for help to your clients about a process or xxx,  animation can help you reach audiences in an authentic and meaningful way.  
Ps, its Sarah Bu because my surname is a deceptively tricky name to pronounce. Think Scottish Loch and use that the “ch” (bʌxən), sneaky Scott’s peoples.
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