Hey there, I'm Sarah – Your Animation Wizard with a Retro Twist!

With a cool three years of animation adventures under my belt, I've danced through in-house gigs and agency realms, soaking up insights from every corner. Whether it's jazzing up 2D illustrations or weaving 3D enchantment, I'm the animator you can count on.

Guess what fuels my fire? Breathing life into visuals through animation! I get a kick out of turning ideas into dynamic visuals that practically jump off the screen.

Now, when I'm not cooking up animation feasts, I'm out there capturing candid stories through street photography and videography. Cameras down, you'll find me rolling dice in epic board games, plotting epic moves in tabletop realms, or unleashing my inner dynamo through strength training. Oh, and when the travel bug bites, I'm off to explore uncharted territories.

And here's the twist – I draw inspiration from the rad 70s and 80s, channeling retro-futuristic vibes and the bold allure of brutalist architecture.
Ready to sprinkle a dash of animation magic on your project? Let's team up and transform your vision into motion!

Catch you on the flip side!

Ps, its Sarah Bu because my surname is a deceptively tricky name to pronounce.
Think Scottish Loch and use the “ch” (bʌxən) sound, sneaky Scott’s peoples.
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